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Breathe in, breathe out, and plan your next campaign with the help of EXHALE.

Remember when I first introduced EXHALE brand strategy + content marketing? It went something like, ‘EXHALE is about creating space to breathe, in your life, in the life of your brand, and in mine.’ OK, it went exactly like that, that’s a beautiful copy and paste job right there.

So, perhaps you know the subject for your next campaign but you’re not sure about content delivery, or maybe you’re under pressure to launch a new campaign soon but you haven’t got a scooby what about or how to position it.

Book a free one hour campaign planning session either online or in person and let’s nail this. I’ll ask you for a few details beforehand to make sure you get the most out of your 60 minutes.

Get in touch with, and, (you know what’s coming), breathe.

content marketing consultancy subscription

Available for small, medium or large cyber security functions and businesses that would benefit from additional expertise and resource. Your subscription package is an on-going consultancy service secured with a monthly retainer fee to keep your content marketing efforts aligned with your brand strategy.

We’ll work with you to achieve higher quality brand engagement with new and existing audiences. We’ll use the content and resources you already have, plus our own subject matter knowledge, to strengthen your brand story with smart content marketing.

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