EXHALE uses mindful techniques to enable people to exist, survive and thrive in today’s highly connected world.

We promote balance and control when it comes to tech, and we apply techniques as simple as breathing to achieve this. Our intention is to equip and empower others to adopt smarter habits online, that won’t only ensure a safer experience, but will also build self-esteem, and encourage more people to pursue a path in cyber security.

On the days when we’re not delivering workshops or sharing research, EXHALE also supports cyber security functions and businesses across Europe to deliver their marketing strategy. In everything we do, we create space to breathe.

From security awareness agency, to big corporate communications, to cyber threat intelligence start-up, we’ve seen and done most of it, and we’ve learned plenty along the way. We swapped the commute to Canary Wharf for the coast, coffee and culture of Catalonia in summer 2016, and we wouldn’t change a second.

So focus on the breath, and see how much safer you could be.

“Nothing communicates to your nervous system that you are safe better than diaphragmatic breathing.” Dr Libby Weaver, Rushing Women’s Syndrome

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