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I was recently asked to facilitate the second in a series of two brand strategy workshops, ‘Perceptions: how to build your business through branding’, for the Professional Women’s Network (PWN) Barcelona – an invitation that I was proud, privileged and excited to accept.

Despite the political protests and heavy police presence outside, a fantastic group of women, as well as one brave young man, joined me at Centre Cívic Convent de Sant Agustí in Born for a totally sensory tour of how perceptions hold the power to influence the success of your business.
Use your eyes, your ears and your gut instinct

For me, branding is often about being bold, and sometimes brave. Brave moves must be timed correctly. But they often differentiate brands that truly believe in themselves and their proposition from those who would rather conservatively play by the rules.

At the previous workshop, brand strategist Cobey Flynn shared her Mission Map with us. A reminder that branding, in every scenario, is about believing in something enough to really get out there and see it through.

The first half of my PERCEPTIONS: how to build your business through branding workshop focusses on what exactly forms our immediate perceptions of brands. We started with the chance to study a couple of above-the-line TV ads.

audience listening at workshopPhoto by Catalina Aguirre Barros

We discussed how these ads influenced us emotionally and how they made us feel. The audience quickly made decisions about whether they would engage with these products or brands as a result of watching their ads. We talked about buyer segments – the difference is clear for the two brands in question based on the colours, the sounds, the shapes used, and of course, the way they made us feel. A number of participants had particularly strong opinions about the length of one of the ads. The consensus was that three minutes felt laborious. We explored ideas around how and why this brand thinks it deserves a whole three minutes of our time. Take note! Video content is hot, but the cost of our time as consumers is higher than ever.

“Branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon

audience members talking and listening at workshopPhoto by Catalina Aguirre Barros

Today’s most trustworthy brands have created relationships with consumers that trigger a visceral response. What I mean by that is a feeling in your gut. You know, almost instinctively, whether you like or loathe a brand because your experience with them impacts you emotionally. Emotional reactions are very real influencers.

Amazon comes out on top time and time again for it’s attention to personalisation. And while this group of female entrepreneurs aren’t necessarily aiming to compete with the likes of Amazon, it’s true that all brands are made up of the same key components.

Part 2 of 2 coming soon! Hasta pronto for more on personal branding plus a free download.

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Hannah Tufts facilitating PWN Barcelona brand workshopPhoto by Catalina Aguirre Barros

PWN Global

PWN Global is a global network of people accelerating gender balanced leadership in business and society, through professional development and international, cross-industry, online and in-person networking.

The irony is, a man actually recommended PWN Barcelona to me. Now I’m forever in his debt. I made a point of going to the PWN Barcelona 10 year anniversary networking drinks in June 2017 and soon became a member (such an affordable investment at just 120€ per year). Now, I’m making meaningful connections with like-minded and inspirational women every month, who continue to support me both as a female business owner and an ex-pat living in Barcelona.

Special thanks to Eimear O’Neill and Laia Alomar for their support with organising this workshop.

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