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Not one but two inspirational, badass yoga teachers sit (probably in Padmasana, aka the lotus position) behind the EXHALE brand and the values we champion. They’re what I like to call sassy, but in their own very different ways.

Betsy Reed, Sustainability Consultant by day, female superhero always, is one of them, and I owe credit to her for the quote that I borrowed to back it all up. Back in August, Betsy went bonkers over Jen Sicero‘s book You are a badass: how to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life, so I downloaded a copy. This was before fate stepped in and forced me to take the plunge with officially launching my own freelance business, and it was holiday-season, so I figured I had time to read.

Trigger your own shift

There are all kinds of reasons why you should do the same – whatever your definition of being a badass is, you’ll relate to it and you’ll learn from it. I got really profound about nature and nurture on a recent return flight to Barcelona, pausing halfway through a chapter to pose a deep and meaningful question to my other half, who responded with, well, I won’t embarrass him here.

Particularly relevant if you’re running a business, thinking of running one, or just need your butt kicking into believing in yourself, this loosely categorised ‘self-help’ book will open your eyes to why we hold our individual belief-systems, and how they affect our overall wealth as adults, entrepreneurs, you name it. And Sicero will have you laughing out loud (“stop hanging around with sad sacks” was just one of my favourites) while you trigger your own shift to start reverberating successful vibes. There’s some serious truth in Sicero’s approach, the other half who doesn’t spend much time pondering life is living proof (in a good way, darling).

I wanted to share the following extract because (the clue’s in the heading) it spoke to me and the brand I’m building.

Extract: 2. Breathe amongst the people

“Your superhero power, i.e. your connection to Source Energy, is available to you 24/7, not only when you’re sitting cross-legged in your robe meditating. Once you get your brain used to shutting up and tuning into Source Energy, you can start doing it throughout your day. 

The whole point of everything you’ve learned in this book is to use it to improve your life, not to take a break, go off and read, and then head back out to live your life again and leave everything you’ve learned back there, on the couch, where you were reading. You want to carry all the stress-relieving, life-appreciating, joy-delivering, mood-lifting, Source-connecting, butt-kicking benefits with you all day long. And the best way to do this is through your breath.

When you’re stuck in traffic, getting yelled at by your boss, feeling awkward at a party, strolling through the office, lying on the beach, trying to remember how to get to your sister’s house, take a moment to breathe deeply, clear your mind, check in with your bod, become present in the moment and connect with Source Energy. 

The more of a habit you make this throughout your day, the more you will see profound, positive changes in your life both emotionally and physically, and the more gracefully you will be able to deal with the next inconsiderate jerk who decides to yell in to their cellphone while sitting next to you at a restaurant.”

Jen SiceroYou are a badass: how to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life, Part 5: How to Kick Some Ass, Chapter 26: Doing vs. Spewing

Breathing + branding

So, without shamelessly plugging my services to round this up, enjoy the extract above and definitely give You are a badass: how to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life a go. But seriously, how relevant is this to your company’s brand strategy? Get it off the metaphorical couch, revisit it, carry it with you at all times, not only to attract better quality customers with better quality content, but to create harmony.

And literally breathe big, deep breaths whenever you can. Betsy will shout at you if you don’t.

Photo by Ian Dooley on Unsplash

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