The details make the design

In the words of Giorgio Armani, ‘to create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focussed on the smallest details’.

The conversation about brand tends to talk about a holistic experience for the user, encouraging us to think about one ‘whole’ first, and the sum of its parts second. The truth is that a holistic brand experience is achieved through consistency, and consistent attention to detail. The small pieces make the big picture. Every interaction with your brand counts, from scrolling past your sponsored post on a social feed to subscribing to your service. So, what details make your design?

“anyone who interacts with the business has a role in shaping the brand”

In today’s crowded market, it’s more important than ever to define the details that differentiate your brand. We might call these emotional selling points, because there’s simply too much competition to claim they’re unique. Your brand can, however, create a unique experience by combining a number of smaller brand attributes that will seriously stand out and push you to the top of the pile of consideration. Pause and ponder why you choose to buy your morning coffee from the white-washed place with window boxes, sustainably sourced produce and the guy who serves you with an extra shot of real interest in you and your day. These details are proven to work extremely well for small and medium-sized businesses, meanwhile the market makers are desperately trying to replicate this kind of brand experience; the one that you and I base our buying decisions on.

Five detail-oriented ideas to try

Design your brand strategy with the type of detail that forms lasting impressions on your customers.

Client care packages. A small agency once badgered me so much for my office address I almost found it bothersome, but it was totally worth it when a gorgeous package turned up filled with goodies just for me. Not about the project we we’re collaborating on. Energising powder drink sachets, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Lip Repair Balm, Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve. How special. My colleagues flocked around me to find out who it was from. And I loved the thrill of having a package to collect in the first place. This brand created a buzz, and a moment I’ll remember.

Free advice. ‘Free’ content really does add value to your brand. If you’re not doing it, there’s definitely someone else who is, and they’ll be the ones sealing deals with your target market. Manage time and resource effectively and you’ll find even a short blog post or a low-cost freebie generates the type of engagement that forms a crucial part of the sales conversion funnel. Build brand loyalty (as well as credibility) by giving your potential customers just a snippet of insight into what you do, and they’ll soon start to want more.

Christmas gifts. The same agency who sent the care package surprised me again with a beautiful tin of Christmas biscuits. Another exciting email from the mailroom. Another eye-catching piece for my otherwise dull desk. A fantastic reminder that they’re lovely people to do business with, and that I must get back in touch with them in the New Year.

Thank you tweets. Give another dimension to both your brand and your client’s with some short commentary on today’s planning meeting. Was it in a beautiful location? Did it set you up for the rest of the week? Share it. Everyone loves a mention.

Quick communication. We’re not suggesting you adopt a KPI for customer response times outside of the Service department, but acknowledging an email, a social post, a missed call in a timely fashion just helps show that you care. Get the balance right, you don’t want to look desperate here, but show your customers that you’re not too busy for them. We’re all making an effort, most of the time, and it’s worth acknowledging that.

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