Today could be life-changing

The other day someone I admire said to me ‘maybe it’s the moon, or the eclipse, or something, but this summer has seen so many transitions’. It’s true, I have felt it and can still feel it. Some big things have happened. And something big is about to happen.

introducing exhale

EXHALE is taking shape. EXHALE is the business I’ve always dreamed of starting, in the apartment in the city I’ve always dreamed of living in. EXHALE is about creating space to breathe, in your life, in the life of your brand, and in mine.

get organised + optimise

We specialise in brand strategy + content marketing, but of course there’s way more to it than that. It’s time to let the layers of content and messaging that build up over time and blur your brand promise fall away. It’s time to get organised and celebrate structure, clean lines, and a clear marketing plan. EXHALE is about making the best of what you already have, defining your spot in a digitally-driven marketplace, and doing what needs to be done to differentiate your brand and enable growth.

join us

We bring years of experience in the marketing industry, across a colourful spectrum of different sectors, from every corner of the table. And it’s with a profound sense of energy that we announce the beginning of this adventure. We do hope you’ll join us in the short, mid or, even better, long term, to practice marketing in it’s most relevant form, and to practice breathing in every sense of the metaphor. Because it turns out it’s really good for you. And breathe.


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